We create purpose-driven user interfaces for any platform, collaborating closely with your team either from our Copenhagen office or at your location.

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Always Asking "Why?"

We embrace a purpose-driven mindset. To deliver effectively, we need to understand why something exists, and we can help you make sense of your existing systems. "Why?" trumps "How?" and "What?" every time.

Love to Fail, Learn to Rule

While love might be a stretch, we're always eager to test our theories quickly and embrace the risks that follow. Our pragmatic approach to creation involves building a minimum viable product, launching it, identifying weaknesses, making improvements, and repeating the process.

Way of Working is Key!

Once we understand our purpose and learn from our mistakes, it's time to consolidate our knowledge for efficient and continuous operation. We enjoy documenting our way of working in easily digestible formats that streamline the creative process.

Things we do with pleasure

🦾Frontend Code React, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, implementing UI for CMS systems of any kind... you name it.

💅UX / Wireframe / Graphical Design Design Sprints, Figma (and Sketch, Invision Studio etc.), Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Animation, etc.

👩‍⚕️Health Checks Performance Audits, Code Refactoring, Optimisations.

💼Other Consulting Stuff Mentoring, Teaching, Buddy Training.

🤹‍♂️Entertainment Dumb dad jokes, the Macarena.