Ingeniørforeningen IDA

Ingeniørforeningen IDA sought to consolidate its three existing websites under a single portal, featuring a rebranded and unified UI to enhance coherence between their offers and products, as well as to improve overall brand awareness among members. To elevate the overall User Experience and achieve a more polished UI, the structure, design, and information architecture of the website were reimagined through Design Sprints, User and Business Involvement, and User Testing.

BUSY has actively participated in various phases of the project for over two years. This involvement has included advising during the Design Phase, facilitating communication between Graphic Designers and Technical Developers, and hands-on development of a centrally-located, modern design system and UI kit. Built with React on top of TypeScript, this system ensures a consistent brand presentation across IDA's web applications and provides a top-notch developer experience when IDA's in-house developers interact with the product.

Launch IDA's corporate site

  • UX
  • Design
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Sketch
  • CSS
  • HTML