Aarstiderne's concept is elegantly simple:

They cultivate organic vegetables in their garden and hand-select the season's finest produce to fill a box, complete with recipes crafted for delicious everyday meals. This box is then delivered straight to customers' front doors. Aarstiderne offers vegetable and fruit boxes, as well as fish and meal boxes containing all the necessary ingredients and recipes for 2 or 3 meals.

With deliveries reaching around 45,000+ households in Denmark and 10,000 in Sweden, Aarstiderne is all about celebrating organic vegetables and delightful meals, growing and evolving with the seasons, year after year.

BUSY took on the task of creating a new front page for Aarstiderne's website, specifically targeting new visitors. The goal was to effectively convey the brand's unique story and differentiate them from competitors. The result was an app-like experience with engaging animations and modern navigation patterns, capturing the essence of Aarstiderne's commitment to quality and sustainability while showcasing their innovative approach to healthy living.

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